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Slab Foundation Repair

Your foundation plays a critical role in the wider health and functionality of your property. If your foundation begins to suffer from problems, the likelihood is that you’ll have major issues to deal with in other parts of your property not long after. Naturally, that’s the last thing you want to happen. You can prevent these issues from taking place altogether by ensuring that your foundation is repaired and protected by a team of foundation repair specialists. At Southlake Foundation Repair Experts, we’ve been restoring foundations back to their full functionality for many years, so we’re confident we have what it takes to help with yours. In this instance, we’re talking about the repair of slab foundations, specifically, and it’s something that we’ve dealt with many times over. Below, you can discover more information about slab foundations are, and reasons that you ought to consider our repair service. For any other queries or questions, reach out to our customer service team.

What are Slab Foundations?

The first question that we need to answer is “what are slab foundations?”. Though these foundations are very common throughout the United States – and further afield – many people simply aren’t aware of the design or structure present in their foundations. So, what exactly are they? A slab foundation is a large slab of concrete that is installed directly onto the surface of the soil. Generally, these foundations are very thick, since they need to be extremely strong and stable to provide a balanced support for the building that will be constructed on top of it. It’s usually the case that slab foundations are reinforced with steel rebar or tension cables. This gives the foundation some extra solidity.

Common Issues

For the most part, slab foundations do an excellent job at withstanding the various forces and influences that could cause damage to them, but there are specific times when problems can occur. In those instances, you’ll need foundation repair specialists to assist you. Cracks are a common enough issue for property owners, but you also need to keep in mind that root infiltration, settling and sinking, water infiltration, and foundation shifting could all cause issues as well. Vigilance is needed to make sure that this doesn’t cause problems for the rest of your property.

Repair Methods

The exact type of repair that will be administered to your slab foundation will obviously depend on the nature of the problem. But, even considering that, there are still numerous different approaches foundation repair services could use. From steel pressed pilings and concrete pressed pilings to slab jacking and concrete piers, we’ve got every approach in our locker.

Quick Recovery

In the past, a failing slab foundation usually meant an extensive repair process that could drag on for quite some time. This is obviously the last thing that anybody wants. As such, we do our best to provide a repair procedure that not only restores your property back to its optimal condition, but that manages to do so without a lengthy delay.

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