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House Lifting & Raising

In specific situations, it could be that it becomes necessary to raise up a house from the level that it was previously situated at. This process is known as house raising – or lifting – and it’s required for a variety of situations. Of course, this is a highly specialized type of service, so you’ll need a professional house raising team to step in and take on the work for you. At Southlake Foundation Repair Experts, we’ve been showcasing our talents for house raising for many years now, and we’re certain that we provide the most reliable and comprehensive offering of any of the foundation repair specialists in the Southlake, Texas area. If you feel that you might need a house raising service, it’s time to contact our customer service representatives to get the ball rolling. In the meantime, read on below to learn more about what house raising is, when it’s required, and why we’re the team to choose for any such needs moving forward.

What is House Raising?

Before we get into the specifics about why house raising is sometimes necessary, we first need to explain exactly what it is. In simple terms, house raising is the process of separating a building from its foundation. Generally, this means temporarily raising the property using hydraulic screw jacks. It’s also possible that an electromechanical jacking mechanism could be used as an alternative. There are a wide range of reasons that a house raising service might be necessary, a few of which we’ll run through just below.

House Relocation

There are times when a house might need to be relocated. This is possibly due to some environmental factor that’s causing issues with the current location. Or it could be that the existing plot of land is needed for other activities or structures. House raising is used to temporarily lift the house before moving it to a new location. This is a painstaking process, as it goes without saying that the weight and size of a house makes this process very challenging.

Flooding and Storm Damage

We always need to be aware of the risks to a property caused by water. Flooding has the potential to devastate properties, not only damaging the foundation – and there is a whole array of potential issues in that area – but the rest of the property as well. At times, house raising is carried out to ensure that properties are out of the way of flood waters and stormy conditions. While house raising is usually a temporary process, it’s possible to raise the property to allow for construction work that keeps the property raised permanently.

Renovating and Repair Work

There are times when a property’s foundation becomes damaged, broken and, ultimately, desperately in need of repair help. That’s something that our foundation repair specialists handle on a regular basis. Of course, at times, it’s necessary to raise a house to make this possible. This could be to carry out repairs, or to entirely replace the existing foundation.

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